Donald Sperling


I was called to the ministry by my Lord Jesus and that call has matured throughout my life. I am passionate about: First, sharing Jesus as Lord and Savior with others by my words, example, and actions; and Second, I am passionate about my family.

Barbara Bennett

Lay Leader | Lay Servant

I love Learning about my relationship with God, and my family of 13 grandchildren, 3 daughters, and 1 son; as well as the satisfaction of growing plants from seed and gardening.

From my perspective, serving people is easy – serving God involves sacrifice. Only after taking classes with our Conference on being a Lay Servant did I learn the difference.

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Janet Pray Lay Servant.JPG

Janet Pray

Lay Servant

I serve in the church because I am in awe of the power of the Holy Spirit, alive and active, and I want to connect with that.  In seeking to know Jesus better, serving helps me to think less of myself and more of others.  God has given me unique skills and abilities to use in service to Clarenceville Church. I am passionate about my husband (of course)!  In my Christian walk recently, I am more passionate about discipleship and building a ministry that is relevant to the community (inside Clarenceville Church and out) and creates maturing disciples (me included!).

Sonya Kent Administravite  Assistant.JPG

Sonya Kent

Administrative Assistant

I serve the Lord because He loves me and serving Him is what I have to do. I truly believe that I would be nothing if I didn’t. I’m really passionate about meeting new people and learning new things.

Roger Pray Maintience   Supervisor.JPG

Roger Pray

Maintenance Supervisor

I have chosen to be the Custodial and Maintenance Supervisor because I want to serve the Lord by keeping his house clean and in good repair so ministry can take place in this church building and the community can be impacted by our witness.  In my life I am passionate about two things: serving my Lord Jesus Christ and my family.

Brian Marr Music Director.JPG

Brian Marr

Music Director

In some areas of service, I have been asked to serve and have said “yes”.  In other areas I have felt the Lord’s leading in an area of giftedness and have stepped forward.  In ALL things I joyfully serve Him, strengthened by His Holy Spirit! I am passionate about discovering truths nestled in God’s word with brothers and sisters in the Lord.  I am passionate about using gifts to worship Him.  And I am passionate about enjoying fellowship with my family and my church family!

Jane Welton Newsletter Editor.JPG

Jane Welton

Newsletter Editor

Joyce Cummings Treasurer.JPG

Joyce Cummings


When I retired from a full-time job with the Salvation Army, I was approached to fill the Treasurer/Bookkeeping position as a volunteer and felt it would be a way for me to do ministry here at Clarenceville. At this time my "passion” (desire) is for the Church Universal and this Country to know and turn to God's truth made known through Scripture and to turn from "doing what is right in his own eyes" (Judges 17:6)

Millie Babb Fincnce Secretary.JPG

Millie BABB

Financial Secretary

Being Financial Secretary is an honor and it is something I can contribute by using my skills to serve in this capacity. I am passionate about my family, immediate and my church family. I am truly blessed that I was led to Clarenceville. I try to live each day serving as best I can.

Michele Morris Children's Ministry  Coordintor.JPG

Michele Morris

Children's Coordinator

In general my passion is relationships.  I love to see the look on a child's face when they experience joy in the knowledge of how much Jesus loves them.  In our ministry here at Clarenceville, we bring the Good News of Salvatation in Jesus to children using stories, skits and role plays, games, crafts and even some snacks.  Jesus wants a friendship with us as well as friendships shared between us.